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Brand Policy

Last edition: 20 January 2022

Optimene is a registered trademark belonging to FYMAVIG S.L.

Our trademarks, such as Optimene , and other brand features are protected by law.

In order to use our trademarks, you need our permission. For permission requests, please contact our corporate management department at the email address:

As a general rule, FYMAVIG S.L. does not allow the use of its name, trademarks, logos, web pages, screenshots and other brand characteristics. As indicated above, any use must obtain the prior approval of FYMAVIG S.L.

However, there are some requests for which no type of approval is allowed. These disallowed requests are:

  • Use our trademarks (such as Optimene ) in the name of your company, group, event, product, service, application, domain name, social media account, or any other type of use.

  • Use our trademarks in materials you are distributing or selling.

  • Any type of modification of our trademarks is prohibited. In case of application for its use, and subsequent approval, you will receive the documentation associated with the use of the brand.

  • Modify our trademarks or combine them with any other symbol, word, image, design, or incorporate them into a slogan.

  • Use our trademarks in a way that such use implies affiliation or endorsement by FYMAVIG S.L. to any of its products or services.

For any type of question or comment that may appear, we would appreciate it if you contact us directly at the email address .

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