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Maintenance Management and

Energy Services in Equipment and Systems


About Us

Optimene is an engineering company specialized in the energy and maintenance management of equipment and systems throughout their life cycle.

The main focus is the improvement of the global energy performance of the company from both the operational side (equipment, systems, processes, people) and the management (certifications, grants, projects).

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Installed Base Management

  • Inventory

  • Equipment Life Cycle

  • Criticality Analysis

  • Obsolescence Management

  • Spare parts Management

  • File Management

  • Training (Electric Drives)

  • Collection of Best Practices


Maintenance Management

  • Analysis and Planning

  • Execution Management

  • Projects of  Evolution/Migration

  • OEE Control and Analysis

  • Development and control of KPIs


Energy Management

  • Deployment of measurement systems

  • Monitoring and Analysis

  • Energy Indicators (EnPI)

  • Process modelling

  • Training

  • Deployment of the ISO 50001 standard

  • Support to Certification

  • Project Grants:

    • Technical analysis

    • Savings calculation

    • File management

    • Administrative management

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Optimene Highlights


+ 1000 equipment / assets

Managed in the past 6 years.

Assets related to 10+ families of electrical equipment and energy consumers.


  + 200 assets / +5 MW

Refurbished, migrated or evolved in the past 5 years.

Optimene has taken part in the engineering, project management and commissioning.


+ 7 MEur

Earned for companies, in public grants awarded by official organizations (IDAE).

Optimene performed technical-economical analysis, savings projects and file management.

Why Optimene ?

Safety / HSE

Safety and the challenge of "0 accidents" are our first goal in any project we carry out.

We have a proactive spirit for continuous improvement in safety aspects, both from the operational point of view and from the work culture.


We have specialist staff with more than 20 years of knowledge in the areas associated with industrial automation.

Our experience reaches various services lines and is aimed at all industrial processes with special attention to: Pulp and Paper, Cement, Mining, Petrochemicals, Metals.


We have specialists that encompass various certifications or memberships. This allows us, technologically and technically, to have people with high skills and knowledge:


  • 6S Black Belt



  • Internal Audits ISO 50001 (AENOR)

  • Energy Management in Buildings and Industry (AENOR)

  • IEEE (senior members)

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